We have worked with Reliance Steel on many projects and have been impressed both with the quality of their fabrication drawings and the finished product. We have come to greatly value the experience and abilities of the Reliance staff and their commitment to teamwork." Barbara J Evans, P.E., LEED AP
Knight Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Williston, Vermont

Who We Are

Our Purpose

We are a team of professional metal fabricators dedicated to collaborating with your entire project group. We are energized by the complexity and challenges each client brings to our organization. Our personal commitment is to create lasting relationships. We bring value to projects by adhering to the highest ethical standards and combining Vermont craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Our people and projects are the enduring legacy of New England’s premier fabricator.

Our People Are Our Most Valued Asset

At Reliance Steel we are professional steel fabricators and erectors who have served the construction industry since 1979. We invest heavily in training and are currently implementing LEAN manufacturing techniques to minimize our lead times and increase quality. Reliance Steel is proud to have attained the designation of a Quality Certified Fabricator by the AISC. We are also an American Welding Society (AWS) Quality Certified Welding Fabricator with a certified welding inspector (CWI) on staff. Our certifications assure our customers that we are committed to continuously improving our quality systems and procedures to ensure the highest standards for every project.

At our modern facility in Colchester, Vermont, we manufacture structural steel, stairs/railings, miscellaneous metals and other specialty metal products.

Steel is “The Material of Choice” for Green Construction,with steel shapes and plates being made from 85% to 95% post-consumer recycled materials. If your project is pursuing the Green Building Council’s LEED designation, steel can help you achieve points towards certification.

Our Management Team

Our management has created and follows an encompassing project organizational system that strives toward perfection. There is no other choice in this business. The challenge of turning soft paper into the reality of hard steel inspires the men and women of Reliance Steel. Each individual’s commitment has been forged from hard experience. The creation of complex building structures and elaborate stairs and railings tolerates no weak link in the chain. This commitment to excellence is one we make to ourselves and our valued clients.

Upon notice to proceed, we launch our management system to ensure the correct information hits the detail documents so our shop floor can build it perfectly.

  • Thoroughly review and interpret drawings to ensure that the scope list is complete and prioritized.
  • Communicate with the design professionals to gain clarification of the design intent. Reliance’s field personnel obtain dimensions of the existing conditions and begin coordination of delivery sequences.
  • Sophisticated 2D & 3D software are utilized to create accurate shop and erection drawings for approval.
  • Clarifications or changes that are made by the architect and engineer are incorporated.
  • The goal is to quickly provide a compete and accurate drawing package for approval well before fabrication is scheduled to begin.
  • On-site concrete foundation, anchor bolt layout and grid line survey with Auto Cad confirmation overlay before erection begins.
  • On-site presence to address project issues as they arise protects the owner from costs and delays that can occur when dimensional and design issues are discovered just prior to fabrication and delivery.